My Story / brandon gould

I had been a big kid all my life thanks to a combination of unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and a family history of weight problems.  By high school, I accepted I was meant to be 330 pounds.  In the summer after high school graduation, I realized I could control some pieces of my life - and if I tried I could (maybe) lose some of the excess weight I was so tired of carrying.

My main goal at that time was to lose weight and be "thin."  I started by joining a gym.  After my college classes, I went straight to the gym.  I picked up fitness magazines, and did research on the internet on how to start a fitness routine.  I started slowly - beginning with 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer.  Day by day I built up my stamina and became more knowledgeable about the gym equipment and what it could do to help me.

At home, I changed the way I ate.  I cut down on carbs, banished the cans of soda that I once drank and ate salads, greens, fruit and lean protein.  I was living at home at the time and my parents supported me by minimizing the junk food in the house and substituting better choices.  If it wasn't there, I wouldn't eat it.

After one month, I stepped on the scale and had lost 15 pounds.  That felt so great!  It became easier and easier to turn away from junk food temptations.  Over the next year, I lost 5 to 10 pounds a month.  Friends and family noticed the changes, complimented me, and this motivated me to continue working out and eating better.  I looked better, I felt better, I WAS better.  And my weight leveled off at 195 pounds - a healthy weight for my height and frame.  More important than the number on the scale was my physical and mental well being.  I was 135 pounds lighter and in control of my life.

Flash forward...  I continue to work out, eat healthy and have devoted myself to helping others achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.  My story is special but I am not.  If I can do this, so can you.

I have achieved a goal of mine to become a personal trainer.  Allow me to help you reach your goals - whatever they are, I know I can help you as I helped myself.