"Brandon is patient, knowledgable and approaches every workout in a positive manner.  I am not a "gym person" nor was I knowledgable about the equipment, but Brandon has coached me and pushes me to be the best I can be - for myself and for him.  I am grateful and anxious to continue this journey with him."

- Pat Kaupe, 63 years young



"Brandon has been my personal trainer for years now - Brandon delivers safe, effective, and maximum results as a result of his fitness training leadership skills. He empowers you to reach and push for your best effort, maximizing every minute of your workout with perfect conscientiousness towards form.

Being an RN, my work is physically and mentally demanding - my strength and stamina is very important to me. Partnering with Brandon was the best fitness decision for me - I have gained in my  confidence level, gained in my understanding of fitness and nutrition, gained in a personal commitment to my health, and have lost any excess weight and fatigue. My whole life seems more in balance since my training with Brandon began.

My favorite days of the week are my training days with Brandon.  Thanks Brandon for making the difference for me!"

- Faith



"Brandon has been instrumental in changing my attitude toward physical fitness.  For twenty years, I dabbled in inept attempts to change my physique.  Over the past four years, Brandon’s training has helped me actualize my goals.  Brandon has my prescription for optimal muscular fitness!"

Scott Franczek, MD/PhD



"I consider Brandon more than just a personal trainer - he is a body transformer.  His motivation and humor got me through the really hard part at the beginning, and every week I am stronger, fitter and happier.  He is a great personal trainer and I recommend him to anyone."